Encore Engineering Services and Products was formed in 1989 as a one stop shop for automated test equipment (ATE)
support products and application support services. Serving integrated circuit manufacturers and test houses, Encore has
designed and manufactured thousands of device-to-tester interface boards, tester cables, adapters, mechanical
assemblies, probe cards, and many other test-related products, as well as provided test programs and consulting.

Started as a one man show, Encore evolved into a family business, and has employed many trusted friends and family
throughout the years. One of the important benefits is the amount of personal commitment and pride put into the work.
"Doing business" has taken on a new meaning, emphasizing quality and responsiveness at a personal level. This has
enabled Encore to develop a reputation unmatched by bigger corporate competitors.

Today, while still maintaining a presence in the ATE world, Encore has applied its talents to many other products and
services, such as medical electronics, implantable medical devices, defense electronics, OEM product development,
chip evaluation boards, microcontroller firmware, and circuit board layout, test, and debug for other products. Our
emphasis is on custom work, tailored to the exact needs and specifications of the customer.
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