Encore was founded to support the ATE
industry with custom, semi-custom, and general
purpose loadboards, DUT boards, socket
adapters, DIB's, probe cards, cables, test
programs, and other products. We provide
products for most major tester systems,
including Teradyne Catalyst, LTX Fusion, LTX
77/80/89/90, LTX Synchro, Trillium, Credence
SC212, Fairchild Sentry, HP, and more.
Additionally, we can be up and running with
support products for new testers in just a short
time. Your design will be done by a former Test
and Characterization Engineer who
understands test hardware from the test
application design point of view, not just the
"boards is boards" perspective of our
competitors. We have extensive experience
with analog, digital, and mixed signal, DC to
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Encore Engineering Services and Products
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