We at Encore can act as an extension of your engineering staff, performing support functions as needed, even at your
location in many circumstances. We are flexible. It's all up to your needs. We can assist in your product development,
design, layout, fabrication, parts procurement, assembly, bench test and debug, or any combination. We can be fully
visible to you on a daily basis, or behind the scenes. You can manage us as you would any member of your staff, or treat
us as a "black box" resource. We are not an employment agency or "body rental" organization--you will deal with the
same responsible engineer throughout the entire process.

Have you ever been short handed in your design lab, but had urgent deadlines to meet? We can be there on a daily basis
to get the job done.

Have you ever had a design fumbled by an outside source, and had nowhere to turn to get it fixed? We can "take the ball,
and run with it."

Have you ever been faced with a deadline, only to be frustrated by weekends or holidays? Although we do occasionally
like to get a good night's sleep, we pride ourselves in being flexible, and love to hear that we saved your schedule.
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