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Encore Engineering Services and Products
At Encore, our services span the range from engineering assistance to fully functional turn-key solutions. We fill the need
for custom design and layout of circuits and subassemblies for which your company cannot devote the time or resources.
We can act as part of your engineering team, an engineering resource to handle work overflow, or as a supplier of custom
products--whatever role you desire.
It is our job to fit your needs, not the reverse.

In today's economy, it can be expensive and risky to keep an engineering team fully staffed. We work for you on an "as
needed" basis, eliminating the overhead of keeping fully staffed.


Do you believe you can do hardware development cheaper in-house? How about the experience level of the
engineer you will hire, and the salary he or she will command? Plus - Bureau of Labor statistics reveal that
benefits/overhead costs are an additional 27%-62% of base salary per employee (health plan contribution, insurance,
retirement plan, employer's contribution to federal and state employee programs, etc.). Finally, do you really want to hire
full time employees just to handle every "two week crisis" that comes along?

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